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Akoya Oxygen (Damac Hills II)

Akoya Oxygen (Damac Hills II)

Akoya Oxygen is a unique location for profitable investment in a premium lifestyle.

Akoya Oxygen is a great opportunity for those wanting to live in a modern civilization but in an environment as close to nature as possible. Thanks to DAMAC Properties, this emerald harbour appeared in the centre of Dubailand. This is a well-known Dubai developer specialising in building luxury residential and commercial complexes. One of the advantages of buying a property in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai is to obtain freehold rights.



Akoya Oxygen has a lot of attractions. The main ones are:

  • A 61,000 m² golf club with an 18-hole design course. The project was developed for the 2016 Olympic Games. In the complex are sports grounds, gourmet restaurants, lounge areas and conference halls.
  • Malibu Bay swimming pool of 2,300 m², with artificial waves. A special mechanism in a closed capsule in the central part of the pool creates this ocean wave effect.
  • The man-made Al Qudra Lakes are in the heart of the Al Marmoom Desert. You can reach this reserve from the Akoya Oxygen enclave in 30 mins by car.
  • Ethnographic Centre – the eco-village Al Marmoom Heritage Village. The travel time from the Akoya Oxygen cluster will be 19 mins.
  • Temples and religious buildings of the world's major faiths, reachable in 10-25 mins.

Akoya Oxygen

Beaches and entertainment in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai

Dubai's most popular beaches, such as Kite Beach and Al Sufouh Beach, and the public beach opposite Jumeirah Beach Resort (JBR) residential complex are located 25-40 minutes from the community. The travel time depends on the traffic.


Akoya Oxygen in Dubai has a few premium hotels: Artesia, Carson, Golf Terrace and Golf Veduta.

The fashionable 5-star Radisson Dubai DAMAC Hills complex, located next to the golf course, emphasises the status of Akoya Oxygen. Most of the rooms offer views of the magnificent green course.

Supermarkets, shopping malls and shopping

The nearest Carrefour Supermarket is a 5-minute drive from the central part of Akoya Oxygen.

The Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Marina Mall shopping complexes are a 20-minute drive from the community.


The golf club has the largest restaurants in the community, namely the Stock House and Trump Clubhouse.

In addition, residents can find many catering establishments just 15-20 minutes away from the community. These are the Taqado Mexican Kitchen, Chez Sushi, McDonald's and other restaurants and cafés.

SPA salon and lounge areas

Akoya Park is a shopping and entertainment centre offering the main beauty and healthy lifestyle services and is a 6-minute drive from the community.

Large spa salons and beauty centres are half an hour's drive from the community, in the enclave of Arabian Ranches.

Schools and kindergartens

The CreaKids Kindergarten, working under the European program with children from 0 to 6 years old, is a 9-minute drive from the complex.

The Blossoms Mudon and Wonder Years Kindergartens are a 12-minute drive away.

Jebel Ali School, one of Dubai’s most prestigious schools, is a 24-minute drive.

Schools in the neighbouring communities can be reached by car in 10-15 minutes.

Hospitals and pharmacies

The Mediclinic Parkview Hospital is a 22-minute drive from Akoya Oxygen and Aster Clinic is 16mins.


The nearest public transport stop (bus) is a 5-minute drive from the complex to the Mudon Enclave.

The Dubai Internet City Metro Station is 15 mins by car from Akoya Oxygen. The transport system is actively developing and will soon have a metro station.

Akoya Oxygen

Types of real estate in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai

The Akoya Oxygen enclave in Dubai is divided into the following 3 segments:

  1. Akoya Park is a village of 37,161 m². Its distinctive feature is the landscape – hundreds of metres of green areas with neatly trimmed lawns and lush vegetation. Here, the exclusive residential buildings have spacious interiors with 4 or 5 bedrooms. Villas in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai and townhouses have a swimming pool, a private garden and parking. A 4-bedroom villa of 292 m² will cost AED 4 million ($1.89 million). The price of a 4-bedroom townhouse will be AED 2.25 million ($612,600).
  2. Akoya Drive is a shopping, outdoor activity and entertainment centre. It consists of 2.5 kilometres of shopping malls, fashion boutiques, gourmet restaurants and hotel complexes. The concept of a luxury holiday is based on the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and the Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes.
  3. Akoya MOD is a cluster of compact townhouses near the fashionable Trump International Golf Club Golf Centre. The layout includes a bedroom, a living room, an office and a kitchen with household appliances. Each townhouse has a private garden and parking. The area of the townhouses varies from 46 m² to 69 m². The cost starts from AED 585,000 ($159,273).

New buildings and mini-community at Akoya Oxygen in Dubai

Most of the buildings in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai are eco-friendly and created with care for the environment. Private property and social infrastructure were built with energy-saving technologies and eco-friendly materials. The bulk of the waste is sorted and recycled. The complex has 10 residential clusters with villas, townhouses and apartments of various layouts and configurations.

  1. Aster is a mini-community with 2- or 3-storey villas. There are 378 homes in total. It was inspired by the London borough of the same name. All houses have a garden, lawn and parking. The layout consists of 2 to 6 bedrooms. A 3-bedroom villa of 170 m² will cost AED 1.1 million ($299,500). The rent will be approx. AED 70,000 ($19,058) per year.
  2. Claret is a combination of 314 villas and townhouses located between the rainforest and the lawns of the golf club. it has 3 to 6-bedroom houses. The average cost of a 3-bedroom property will be approx. AED 1.2 million ($326,715).
  3. Amargo is a new community of ultra–luxury villas near a water park with fountains and water attractions. Residents can visit the nearby golf club and yoga centre. Luxury housing includes options with 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms. Prices for residences start at AED 1 million ($272,263).
  4. Coursetia is a community of 162 detached villas. The houses are located among lush park greenery. Each villa has covered parking. 2- and 3-storey villas have from 4 to 6 bedrooms. A 3-bedroom villa of 232 m² costs approx. AED 1 million ($272,263).
  5. Odora is an oasis of peace with views of lakes and parks. This is a community with maximum privacy, an ideal place for a family holiday. There are various options for 3-bedroom residences of 175 m² or more. The min. price will be about AED 1.2 million ($326,715).
  6. Paloverde is a cluster of luxury villas and townhouses with lots of green and pedestrian areas. The community offers real estate ownership, including to foreign investors. The area of the villas starts from 420 m². It’s possible to purchase construction plots of 254 m² for AED 1.1 million ($299,500).
  7. Primrose is a community of villas, townhouses and land plots around green parks. Residential buildings have 3 and 4 bedrooms. The area of the smallest villa is 145 m². The cost starts at AED 1.2 million ($326,715). The rent for a 3-bedroom villa will be about AED 70,000 ($19,058).
  8. Juniper is a village of magnificent villas with views of the golf course, green surroundings and a cascade of lakes. Semi-detached villas and detached houses are for sale in this mini enclave. The residences have 3 to 6 bedrooms. The big advantage of houses in Juniper is not only its cosy courtyard behind the house but also a private territory in front of the house. The area of the villa starts at 170 m². The starting price of a 5-bedroom villa is AED 1.5 million ($408,395).
  9. Sycamore is an elegant building surrounded by blooming greenery of tropical plants. You can choose semi-detached or detached villas. Each residence has spacious rooms. The windows offer charming views of green landscapes. The area of the most compact 3-bedroom villa is 164 m². The cost of a 3-bedroom house depends on the location and area and ranges from AED 1.2 million ($326,715) to AED 1.8 million ($490,073).
  10. Zinnia is one of the most modern clusters in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai, with a shopping centre. The community is a secluded green location with various amenities. Villas and townhouses overlooking the golf course and shady park alleys have 3 and 4 bedrooms. The average cost of a 3-bedroom house AED is 1.15 million ($313,102) – AED 1.65 million ($449,234).

Real estate rental prices

Rental prices depend on the type and location of the property. E.g., renting a 3-bedroom townhouse will cost from AED 50,000 ($13,614) per year. Renting a 3-bedroom villa will cost a little more – from AED 60,000 ($16,336) per year.

Akoya Oxygen

Sales prices

The price of 3-bedroom villas and townhouses starts at AED 999,000 ($271,990).

Real estate in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai for investment

The advantages of buying a property in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai include several factors:

  • The distance from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and, at the same time, excellent transport accessibility to the city centre and the main attractions of the emirate. Quick exit to major highways.
  • A high demand for housing in one of Dubai’s best eco-friendly communities.
  • A wide range of real estate types – from apartments in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai to detached villas.
  • The opportunity to purchase real estate with freehold rights.
  • The possibility of obtaining a residence permit when buying a property.
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